A Cassandra Virus novel

Cover of The Drone War

Sybertooth, 2007. Cover by Artemisia.

Engines roaring, rising in pitch. Louder and louder. Jordan felt as though he were part of the plane.

He leaned forward. It wasn't just a plane, it was Cassie's work, a little bit of it. It was ... big. A work of art. It was taxiing. Hard to remember no-one was driving — flying. No-one was in it at all, just a big machine doing its thing, and some technicians in that room with the banks of computers, who couldn't even see the plane take off.

It's the future. Jordan O'Blenis may be a genius when it comes to computers, but with spies after his sister Cassie's research in UAVs and artificial intelli­gence, he needs all the help he can get to keep her safe and save BWB Aero­space's top secret drone project. Luckily for Jordan, he has Helen the frog expert and Cassandra, the sentient supercomputer programme he created, on his side. The problem is, Helen thinks kidnapping and interrogating a government agent is a perfectly logical solution to their problems, while Cassandra has developed a bad case of ethics. When old enemies snatch Jordan, though, it's up to Cassan­dra to save the day, even if that means hijacking BWB's multi-million dollar UAV system. It's just borrowing, really ...


"Johansen's characters are both believable and likeable—this is largely due to Johansen's knack for great dialogue... Science-fiction lovers as well as those interested in computers, technology and artificial intelligence are sure to enjoy this novel." ~ CM Magazinel

"... an up-to-the-minute story, easy to read but not facile or condescending." ~ Lesley Little, Resource Links